Memorabilia On Smith is a huge shop over three levels housing one of the most impressive collections of rare collectables and sports memorabilia in Australia.

The premise of the shop is to be one of the last outposts of our personal histories. Stepping into the shop is like stepping back in time and travelling back to your childhood. Remembering all the toys that we used to love playing with, the footy collectables we used to own and the advertising products we used to eat or use. The shop is renowned for its wide range of advertising, confectionary and soft drink collectables that remind us of a trip to the milk bar when we were younger. As the world turns and we becoming entwined in the hustle and bustle of modern society, we often forget the pleasantries of the simple life when we were growing up. Going to the Milk Bar to get a Peters Drumstick or a packet of football cards was like a one of those images we will never forget. We are located at 269 Smith Street in Fitzroy, north of Melbourne and the shop includes something for everyone including advertising collectables from Peters, Streets and Swallows Ice Cream, Tarax, Cottees and Marchants soft drinks, Coca Cola and the very collectable MacRobertsons and Cadbury Collectables.

 It has a variety of Tin Toys, VFL Football Ashtrays, Floggers, Vintage Jumpers, Vintage Tin Advertising Signs, Retro Games, Star Wars, 1970s Tin TV Show Lunchboxes including Mork and Mindy, Happy Days, ET.

There is also a huge collection of railway and tramway signage and paraphernalia including an original 1950s tram sign warning motorists: “Our patience is exhausted!” The shop also stocks an impressive collection of tin toys and Dinky model cars, along with a vast array of figurines, old tins and oil industry paraphernalia. Possibly the rarest items currently in the shop are a 1940s cigarette machine from the London Underground, a 1910 Jeu de Course Horse Racing Game and an original Spencer Street railway target sign.  There are two rare Ballarat Bertie’s displaying Ballarat Bitter from the 1930s and 40s, a huge die cut waiter advertising Bell’s Socks and a collection of Antique Lolly Jars advertising Swallows, ETA, Smith’s Crisps, Arnott’s, Mac Robertson’s and Peek Freans. The shop houses Old toffee and lolly tins, coffee and tea tins, full soft drink bottles, Gerry Gees Dolls, tin, enamel and cardboard advertising signs, tram and train destination rolls, football collectables, chesty bonds mannequins, animatronic magic dolls, chocolate boxes, cereal boxes, chocolate shop display dummy blocks and other confectionary items. There is also a large selection of Football records, football cards, footy ashtrays, figurines, vintage commemorative port, football cups, glasses, figurines, bendy toys, pennants , tin badges, cloth badges, Club Dinner menus, football membership cards, football social club medallions,  Football cars, VFL Fixtures, plates, Football Plaques and Footy Folk Art.

1970s TV Show and Movie Collectables include Pez dispensers, Kiss, Michael Jackson, Evil Knievel, Bionic Woman and Six Million dollar man dolls, 1970s TV show Thermos’ and lunchboxes including Happy Days, Mork and Mindy, ET, Star Wars, Return of the Jedi and Get Smart. Other dolls include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Batman , Superman , The Nanny, Kylie, MC Hammer, Boy George, Donald Duck and The Hulk. We have hundreds of Vintage Die Cast Toys from Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, Hot Wheels and Lesney. There are two Vintage Coca Cola stand up fridges. The shop has two Vintage Petrol Bowsers, many Light Up Bowser Globes,  and a few Original Vintage and Reproduction Peters Advertising Ice Cream Cones.